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About Me

Sintia Astarina (Sintia) is a flâneur with a passion for books, writing, and traveling. I always have a natural curiosity for words and nature. Good weather, tasty food, and cuddling are some of my favorite things.

I studied Multimedia Journalism in college and challenged myself to be a journo, but it turns out that I’m very passionate about being an inspiring writer & reader. 

On weekdays, I work as a Content Editorial Manager at a leading technology company based in Jakarta. On the weekends, you will find me enjoy creating digital content, writing blogs, reading my TBR, or daydreaming.

I had my two fiction novels published by Grasindo, titled Nyanyian Hujan (2013) and Taman Pasir (2014). Nice to e-meet you here!

About This Blog

Started in October 2017, in this self-titled blog, you can find lots of personal experience stories about traveling, food, books, and any other related things I am passionate about. Know her better by reading Sintia Astarina‘s blog.

If you’d like to start a partnership or collaboration, recommend me some great books, or invite me to travel the world (yes, please!), do not hesitate to say hello through this link.

Enjoy her journeys.


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