About Me

Hello, I’m Sintia Astarina, a modern-day flâneur whose heart beats in harmony with the beauty of words, the allure of wanderlust, and the enchanting world of literature.

My insatiable curiosity has led me down a path where language and nature intertwine, revealing my true calling as an aspiring writer, devoted reader, content creator, blogger, and professional marketer.

In my journey as a wordsmith, I’ve witnessed two of my fiction novels, “Nyanyian Hujan” (2013) and “Taman Pasir” (2014), earn their place on bookshelves. Every word I write, every experience I embrace, and every opportunity I seize is an expression of my unwavering passion for literature, and I relish each chance to share this passion with the world.

About This Blog

Since October 2017, this self-titled blog has served as my digital journal, capturing a mosaic of dreams, memories, contemplations, and the tapestry of daily life.

Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of personal experiences spanning the realms of literature, travel, culinary delights, and various other passions that ignite my soul.

 If’ you’d like to collaborate or explore partnership opportunities, contact me directly through this link or email me at sintiaastarina@gmail.com. Your ideas and inquiries are always welcome.

Ready for a Collaboration?

If you’d like to start a partnership or collaboration, recommend me some great books I’ve never read,
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