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Started in October 2017, tn this self-titled blog, you can find lots of personal experience stories about traveling, food, books, and any other related things she’s passionate about. Know her better by reading Sintia Astarina‘s blog.

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Sintia Astarina

Sintia Astarina (Sintia) is a flâneur with passion in books, writing & traveling. She has fallen in love with writing since Elementary School by telling her personal stories in a secret diary, or submitting her poems to a tabloid you won’t be able to read again. Then, she studied Multimedia Journalism in college, challenged herself to be a journo, but found herself very passionate in being an aspiring writer.

Her passion in media and writing has brought her vast experience in producing various content, such as social media posts, email newsletters, blogs, copywriting ads, press releases, feature articles, online news, script for YouTube and ads, you name it.

On weekdays, she works as a Sr. Content Editor at a technology company based in Jakarta, but on weekends, she’s Book & Travel Blogger (also an avid reader).

She had her two fiction novels published by Grasindo, titled Nyanyian Hujan (2013) and Taman Pasir (2014). She is currently working on a new novel, by the way. Also, moonlighting a side project named Ode to Midnight.


Media Trip

Staycation trip

untuk Peluncuran Plataran Dining & Lounge oleh Plataran Canggu Resort & Spa pada 16-18 Desember 2018.

Trip #AirAsiaTravelBuddies

oleh Kementerian Pariwisata dan AirAsia Indonesia untuk mendampingi 9 influencer di Jakarta, Bromo, dan Bali pada 7-12 Desember 2018.

Trip “Bali Online Influencer Campaign”

oleh Kementerian Pariwisata untuk mendampingi 35 influencer mancanegara di Bali pada 25 November-4 Desember 2018.


Juara 3 Lomba Artikel Jalan-jalan di Pulau Kei

diadakan oleh Kei Tourism pada 28 Februari 2018 dengan tulisan berjudul “Kei Kecil dan Pengharapan Besar hingga Kini.”

Juara 2 Kontes Blog #JadiBisa

 Traveloka Kategori Tiket Pesawat yang diadakan oleh Traveloka pada 9 Oktober-4 Desember 2017 dengan tulisan berjudul “Tentang Tiket Emas dan Kejutan-kejutan di Islandia.”

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