About Me

Sintia Astarina (Sintia) is a flâneur with a passion for books, writing, and traveling. I always have a natural curiosity for words and nature.

I studied Multimedia Journalism in college and challenged myself to be a journo, but turns out that I’m very passionate about being an aspiring writer & reader. Also, I do enjoy my life as a digital creator, blogger, and content marketer.

I had my two fiction novels published by Grasindo, titled Nyanyian Hujan (2013) and Taman Pasir (2014). I have no idea when I have time to write and publish my book again. Maybe someday.

About This Blog

Since October 2017, this self-titled blog has been my journal consisting of dreams, memories, contemplation, and daily life.

You can find lots of personal experiences about books, travel, food, and any other related things I am passionate about.

If you’d like to start a partnership or collaboration, I can be contacted  or through this link email me at sintiaastarina@gmail.com.


Ready for a Collaboration?

If you’d like to start a partnership or collaboration, recommend me some great books I’ve never read,
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