About Me

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Hi, there! Thank you for visiting www.sintiaastarina.com.

Sintia Astarina (Sintia) is a flâneur with passion in books, writing & traveling. She has fallen in love with writing since Elementary School by telling her personal stories in a secret diary, or submitting her poems to several media. Then, she studied Multimedia Journalism in college, challenged herself to be a journo, but found herself very passionate in being an aspiring writer.

She had her two fiction novels published by Grasindo, titled Nyanyian Hujan (2013) and Taman Pasir (2014). She is currently working on a new novel, by the way. Also, moonlighting a side project named Ode to Midnight.

This blog, www.sintiaastarina.com contains of her experiences when traveling the world, enjoying food, reading books, Bookstagramming, and any other related things.

Anyway, I’d very love to collaborate with you.

If you want to get in touch or start a partnership business, please don’t hesitate to say hello through this link.